Junk Car Buyers in Charlotte, NC

We buy junk cars here at Reyes Towing in Charlotte, NC. If you’d like to sell your junk car, we make the process simple and easy.

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Why Sell Your Junk Car to Reyes Towing?

We have helped hundreds of customers with selling their cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles for cash throughout the Charlotte, NC area.

  • We pay the most for junk cars.
  • We can tow your junk car at no cost to you.
  • We will handle all the paperwork.
  • We will eliminate your junk from your backyard so you never have to look at it again.
  • We offer no hidden fees & all offers are guaranteed.
  • We recycle all vehicles, and as a result, the environment takes less of a hit.
  • The remaining scrap metal is used in the creation of new steel products.

We Buy Wrecked & Totaled Vehicles

Your vehicle doesn’t have to just be “old” for us to buy it! Even if your vehicle is totaled or wrecked, we will buy it, no matter the condition. Whether your vehicle is rusted, operable, damaged, or inoperable, we will offer you cash! You can rest assured that you are receiving the most for your junk car in Charlotte.

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Junk Car Requirements

If you’re ready to jump into the junk car buying experience, one of our friendly customer service representatives will be ready to assist you.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • No title is required.
  • We will need to see an insurance card or registration in advance for proof of ownership.
  • Our system will calculate a nice, new offer for you so you can retrieve your cash fast!

Mechanical Issues? No Problem!

We understand that the inevitable can happen, even if you tend to your vehicle as often as you should. As vehicles age, mechanical issues can and will happen. In return, this means you lose out on more cash for repairs. If you’re considering junking your car, here are some mechanical issues to look out for:

  • Dead battery
  • Electrical issues
  • Blow head gasket
  • Transmission damage
  • Missing fuel pump
  • Vehicle won’t reverse

If you notice that you’re spending way too much money repairing your vehicle due to mechanical issues, we are here to help! Don’t wait another second to contemplate whether or not you should junk your vehicle. Give Reyes Towing a call today. We will pay you cash and even tow your vehicle without additional fees!

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